Are you starting a new business? Or have you been in the market for many years? Dropshipping works regardless of your industry experience. Focus on sales and marketing, and we'll take care of the rest!

Dropshipping is a tailor-made logistics model for your store's needs. Sell products without the need for inventory or labor-intensive shipping. Dropshipping collaboration involves transferring the shipping process to a supplier. The customer places an order in your store, and we ship the products directly to them. Dropshipping wholesalers enable fast and timely processing of all orders. Embrace a convenient and reliable solution for the future.


Logistics support works regardless of
scale and business profile.

If you’re just starting with an online store, dropshipping e-commerce guarantees low entry costs and reduces risk. You gain the opportunity to test your idea without incurring high fixed costs. You don’t have to maintain a warehouse, manage regular deliveries and inventory control, or prepare goods for shipping.

If you’ve been in the industry for many years and have your own warehouse, test new development possibilities. Dropshipping collaboration is useful if you want to expand your product range. Build an advantage over the competition and achieve additional profits through cross-selling solutions. Test new products without investing in expanding your warehouse.

Benefits of Dropshipping E-commerce Collaboration

Cost Minimization

Running an online store? Dropshipping will help you reduce costs associated with inventory and order fulfillment. You only pay for products that you have actually sold, eliminating frozen capital and stock sitting in a warehouse. Forget about tied-up money and stagnant inventory.

Time Savings

Dropshipping collaboration allows you to gain time for strategic business development. You don’t have to worry about logistics and hiring additional employees.

Convenience and Functionality

System integration allows for full control over order fulfillment. You can monitor processes without leaving the office. Additionally, automation enables fast communication and minimizes formalities.

Comfort and Functionality

External e-commerce logistics support ensures timely and secure order fulfillment. Experienced specialists will handle comprehensive order processing for you and optimize the entire process using modern solutions.

International Business Expansion

You receive full support at every stage of collaboration. We tailor individual solutions to the needs of your business. We provide reliable e-commerce logistics based on a partnership approach, experience, and expert knowledge.


We integrate with your e-commerce platform

Full integrations with leading e-commerce platforms and online stores.
Through integrations, you gain information about the current status of each order,
tracking numbers of shipments, and inventory levels.

Comprehensive E-commerce Logistics


We guarantee fast delivery of your products to our warehouse.


We provide specialized warehouses for e-commerce, designed for storing various types of goods.


We monitor and receive orders in your store in real-time.

Order Fulfillment

We assemble and pack orders according to strict standards. We guarantee attractive rates regardless of the order size.

Returns and Complaints

We provide full support for returns and complaints. We verify products and manage their sales.


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